UK Plymouth Exchange programme 2006

UK Programme - part one

Dog Years Chapter 1- Love Dog Years Chapter 1- Love 3min 50sec
Sam Hearn and Richard Penfold
film-makers' description: Ben 39, Leo, castrated mongrel needs love, G.S.O.H essential.
shooting format: Super 8
God & Dave God & Dave 4min 27sec
Mark Simon Hewis
film-maker's description: Dave meets God in a cafe to discuss their relationship, he has never been out with anyone quite like her before.
shooting format: DV
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 6min 12sec
Simon Harvey
film-maker's description: The story of a Cro-Magnon man so desperate to eat, he inadvertently re-writes history....well..almost.
shooting format: DV
A Picture Can Say A 1000 Words A Picture Can Say A 1000 Words 1min 37sec
Tom Mansfield
film-maker's description: Trying to describe how someone looks at you can be a difficult task, especially if their unique aura makes your heart race! Attempting to describe the indescribable is a challenge. Could you paint that picture with a thousand words? After all, a picture can say a thousand words. An audio visual production, what you hear is what you see. The sound track is made up from 95% samples taken from the typewriter.
shooting format: DV
verge verge 2min
Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore
film-makers' description: The exquisite beauty of plants and animals found on a strip of 'no man's land' alongside a busy road on the industrial outskirts of Plymouth. This in-between space exists between us and the landscape beyond; blasted by traffic fumes, yet sustaining an incredible variety of life.
shooting format: Super 16
Stacking Stacking 6min 40sec
Vicky Smith
film-maker's description: Direct liquid animation is stacked into multiple images of the human form until the paint congeals and the image melts down. The atmosphere of material decay is heightened by the use of film noise.
shooting format: 16mm
Shadows and Reflections Shadows and Reflections 3min 30sec
Stephen Whittle
film-maker's description: A film which explores childhood dreams and imagination as told through the story of a little girl as she attempts to capture the moon from the midnight sky. How many other celestial beings does she have in her collection?
shooting format: analogue video
The Mount The Mount 4min
Denzil Monk
film-maker's description: A unique glimpse into the lives of the people who live and work on the iconic St Michael's Mount in Kernow.
shooting format: DV
Nectar Nectar 16min 7sec
Liz Crow
film-maker's description: It's 1931 and 17-year old Walter is swimming to glory. But on the eve of selection for the Olympics, he knows with sudden clarity that the dream he is following is not his own. Can he find the courage to turn from the expectations of others and make a life of his own?
shooting format: HD
The Hat Trick The Hat Trick 4min 34sec
Chris Dickason and Tom Chitty
film-makers' description: A plucky recruit is beckoned to town by the promise of opportunity, but he must first acquire the proper attire. His endeavours are met with a curious blend of diversion and trickery.
shooting format: computer
In My Own Footsteps Part 1 In My Own Footsteps Part 1 3min 32sec
Terry Flaxton
film-maker's description: Walking on a beach in Cornwall I found I wanted to make a piece that evoked the sense of wonder of early video where it was possible to make a 'piece' out of what you found immediately about you and somehow talk about form and content and the value and gift of this accessibility.
shooting format: DV

UK Programme - part two

In My Own Footsteps Part 2 In My Own Footsteps Part 2 3min 18sec
Terry Flaxton
film-maker's description: Once you start looking, there's so much to see.
shooting format: DV
Essence Essence 1min 29sec
Ralph Juergan Colmar
film-maker's description: An allegorical animation based on the enlightening Chinese painting 'The Vinegar Tasters'.
shooting format: DV
The Unknown Image The Unknown Image 9min 20sec
Irene Rogan
film-maker's description: The film is based on the universal aspect of intervention and its potential effects upon us. Originating from the Old Testament where Jacob wrestles with an angel in the desert through the long dark hours of the night, this event is translated into a modern day tale of the interaction between two characters in the bleak urban landscape of a multi-storey car park. In 'The Unknown Image' the universal nature of intervention is dramatised through the character of a woman hardened by success on her way to yet another meeting, which may lead to even more personal gain. She is intercepted in a multi-storey car park by a stranger. The stranger is an angel whose mission is to test her motives and actions in order to provoke a reaction that generates a wider appreciation of her world; how she shapes it and it shapes her.
shooting format: 16mm
Living Statistic Living Statistic 18min 41sec
Peter Snelling
film-maker's description: Alex Kachepa (17) is an extraordinary young man - gifted, articulate and funny. His family were raided at dawn by immigration officers for forced removal from the UK. When the white rural community of Weymouth, Dorset, heard that the much-loved family had been taken, they joined them in an extraordinary struggle against the government.
shooting format: DV
Denise at Sixteen Denise at Sixteen 3min 17sec
Nicholas Ward
film-maker's description: This short film deals with ideas of nostalgia, dream and reality, and romanticism, within the youthful. It attempts to bring to life the freedom within every child.
shooting format: Super 8
A Walk in the Woods A Walk in the Woods 4min 28sec
Mark Newbold
film-maker's description: A video art piece inspired by a walk in the woodlands during the winter months of 2005. I find the trees in winter more beautiful than during the spring and summer months when foliage often hides the skeletal forms of the tree. This video uses the forms of the tree as inspiration.
shooting format: DV
Laban Manoeuvres - One: Frame Work Laban Manoeuvres - One: Frame Work 3min 54sec
Tony Hill
film-maker's description: Shot at the Laban Dance Centre in East London using a 4 x 3 space frame with the camera mounted inside it. The frame creates a fixed 'camera space' which plays against the architectural space and movements of the performers.
shooting format: DV
The Line Up The Line Up 4min
Jonnie Williams
film-maker's description: For me this film sums up prison life, from the jokey to the simmering violence that is just under the surface. The mopping at the top of the screen is seen as a way of escape for the prisoners, as for long-time inmates it is the only chance they get to zone out and forget where they are.
shooting format: DV
The Amazing Feats of Magical Marrick The Amazing Feats of Magical Marrick 1min
Marrick Taylor
film-maker's description: I have taught myself to speak backwards, so I thought I'd put it to some use and make special effects clips!
shooting format: magic
The Making of Gladiator The Making of Gladiator 2min 3sec
Duncan Beedie
film-maker's description: It is the year 1999 A.D. and Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe have travelled to Malta to shoot the 'sword and sandal' epic Gladiator. However, there are problems on set, and this time it's not Russell's temper that isn't being kept in check.
shooting format: computer

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